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At The Grocery Shop or Supermarket EnglishLesson

What will I learn the English lesson at the grocery or supermarket?

During this English lesson you will learn how to ask question and answer questions about shopping in a grocery. The lesson covers asking where a certain food is in an isle, types of bag, samples and what vouchers are.

General question you can use at the grocery.

Hello, can I help you finding anything?
Today we have some chocolate spread on offer would you like a sample?
Do you have any vouchers? (voucher are used to get discounts on various items)
How many plastic bags do you need?

Answering the questions above

Yes please, can you show me where the coconut milk is? or no thanks, I am alright I know were everything is.

Yes please, I would love to try the chocolate spread ?
That chocolate spread was very nice, can you tell me where can I find it in the store?

No, we don't have any vouchers at the moment.
Yes,we have just got some today I will get you one.

I would like ten plastic bags please.
I have brought my own bags to use so I don't need any bags thanks.
Yes, I would like some help taking my groceries out to my car.

Some Questions you might want to ask while at the grocery

Please can you tell me which isle the shampoo is?
I cant reach the top shelf will you help me please?
What is the difference between between the brand coffee and your stores value coffee?
I would like 2 kilos of potatoes please?
Do you have any more sugar in your storeroom there is none left on the shelf?

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