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Health and family English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson health and family?

During this lesson you will talk about the health of various people health in your family. The part of the lesson discusses how to talk about old people in the family. Following is is how to talk about the arrival of a new born baby. The last part of the lesson shows examples of how to talk about someone who is in ill health.

Talking about old people in the family

If a person is very old and does not have any sickness, then the usual comment is to mention how healthy that person is.

My grandma can't walk so far without getting pains in he leg. But other then that, she is very healthy for her age.
My great grandfather is quite healthy for his age.
My father is forever going to the doctors about some pain or illness, but they can never find any wrong with him.
My grandma is about to go in a nursing home. She's is healthy but can't walk very well due to breaking her leg last year.

Talking about a new born baby in family.

My brother as just had a baby girl.
Is the baby healthy?

What was the weight of your healthy baby boy.

Yes, he's a healthy little boy.
I have been lucky all my children are healthy.
I'm so happy that my children are all healthy.

Talking about bad health and illness in the family

My mother is very unhealthy at the moment. She had a nasty fall hasn't been to get over it. She used to be so healthy.
My brother always seems to be sick. We are really concerned about his health.
My sister is tired all the time. I think she is unhealthy and needs to do some exercise and get out more.

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