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Confirming your Flight with a travel agent English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson confirming your Flight with a travel agent?

During this lesson you will learn how to confirm your flight in English over the telephone. The last part of the lesson is a few questions you might get asked at the airport.

Why speak English for confirming a flight?

Most times you are taking a plane to travel to your location, you will use a travel agent and buy a ticket in your  country where you live.

However once you are in your England or a English speaking country, you might need to change your flight.  Booking a flight is not a problem as most airlines will have someone who can speak your language. However you might need to talk to somebody in English to confirm the flight.

How to confirm your flight

A lot of travel agents or airlines will require you to call a couple days in advance to confirm your departure date. Here are some sentences you will be asked and what you will need to say.

Mr Jones:- I would like to confirm my flight with you please.
Airport:- Can you give me your ticket number please sir?
Mr Jones:-  The number is 123456.
Airport:- You are scheduled to depart on July 23th at 11:00 pm. Are these details correct?
Mr Jones:-  Yes they are.
Airport:- Can you tell me if anybody else traveling with you?
Mr Jones:- Yes, my wife Mrs Jones.
Airport:- Can I have the other ticket number?
Mr Jones:- It is 987654.
Airport:- Thank you sir, Your tickets have now been confirmed. Please arrive at the Manchester airport terminal 3, 2 hours before your flight departs. Thank you for using us to fly with.

Questions you will hear at the airport counter.

Hello sir would you like to book your seats now?
Would you like a seat next to a window?
We only have or an aisle seat left now?
What is your ticket number?
What is your last name?

What is your first name?

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