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Directions learning how to ask people English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson learning how to ask people directions?

During this lesson you will be learning why you might need to ask someone for directions and how to ask for them. 

Why do I need to ask someone for directions?

There will be times when you need to find a place and you will need to ask someone else for help. After asking, you will need to listen to what directions they have given you.

Asking someone for directions

A good way to start the conversation is by saying excuse me or hello sir / madam.

Excuse me sir. can you tell me how to get to the post office on Oxford Street?
Excuse me sir. I'm look for the nearest petrol is?
Excuse me madam. I seemed to be lost am trying to get to the local mall?
Excuse me madam. Do you know where nearest super market is from here?
Excuse me. Which is the best way to get on the motorway?

Excuse me. I'm trying to find the Bank of England. I sure it was around here. Do you know where it is?
Hello. I'm looking for the dentist in Oxford road. Do you know how I can get there from here?

Hello sir / madam. What is the best way to get to London?

Try and understand what directions they are telling you

When your asking for directions to another person, they will probably give you short and quick sentence. When someone has given you some directions, make sure that you understand them.

What if I don't understand?

I you are unsure of shat they are telling you can ask them to speak slowly or even draw a map to help you. Do not be afraid of asking them to tell you again most people will always do there best to help you.

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