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Learning about Families / family members English lesson part 2

What will I learn from the lesson Families / family members?

This lesson follows on from the lesson learning about Families / family English lesson part 1. During this English lesson you will learn the English words for the different people in both sides of Paul and Linda's family. The lessons starts of by showing pictures of the various people in the Jones and Smith family.The last part of the lesson is a list of who is related to who in the family. 

Learning the English words for each family member

Members of the Jones and Smith family

Learning my family English lesson                    

             John and Sarah Jones                           

John = granddad / Sarah = grandma        

Grandma and granddad = are your parents, parents.     

John and Sarah have 1 child Paul                                  

John and Sarah are Paul's parent's.                 


Learning English lesson family      

Paul and Linda Jones

Paul = father / Linda = mother

Mother / mummy / mum = are parents of the children.             

Father / daddy / dad = are parents of the children

Paul and Linda are married

Jack is paul's mother in law

Learning English lesson family

James and Chloe Jones

James = son / Chloe = daughter 

James and Chloe are brother and sister

Daughter = Children of mum and dad

Son = Children of mum and dad

Holly is Chloe's cousin

James is a grandson to John and Sarah

Chloe is a granddaughter to Jack and Jill


Jack and Jill Smith

 Jack = granddad / Jill = grandma

 Granddad and grandma = are your parents, parents.

Jack and Jill have 2 childeren Linda and Jane

 Jack and Jill are Linda's and Jane's parent's 

Paul is Jack and jill's son-n-law

 Learning Family names English lesson  

Eve and Ralph Peel

Ralph = father / Eve = mother

Mother / mummy / mum = are parents of the children.

Father / daddy / dad = are parents of the children

Eve and Ralph are married

Paul is eve's brother-in-law

Linda is Ralph sister in-law

                      Learning family names English lesson

Holly Peel

Holly = daughter 

Daughter = Children of mum and dad

Linda is Holly's aunt 

James's is holly's cousin

Holly is a granddaughter to Jack and Jill




A list of who's who in the jone's family

Paul is Chloe's father.

Linda is Chloe's mother.

James is Linda's son. 

Ralph is Jack and jill's son-n-law.

John is Chloe's grandfather.

Sarah is James grandma.

Paul is eve's brother-in-law. 

Linda and Eve are sisters.

Linda is Ralph sister in-law.

James is Chloe's Brother.

Chloe is James sister.

James, Chloe and Holly are Jack and Jill's grandchildren.

James, Chloe and Holly are John and Sarah's grandchildren.

Paul is Linda husband.

Linda is Paul's wife.

Baby Holly is Chloe's little cousin.

Jack is Chloe's grandfather.

Jill is James grandma.

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