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Learning Families / family members English lesson part 1

What will I learn from the lesson Families / family members?

During this lesson you will learn the English words for the different people in your family. The lessons starts of by showing pictures of the various people in the Jones family. After there is a list of who is related to who in the family. The lesson ends with a small exercise where you have to words in the correct order to form a sentence.

Learning the English words for each family member

Members of the Jones family

Learning my family English lesson                               

             John and Sarah                                                                                                                 Jack and Jill

John = granddad / Sarah = grandma                                                                 John = granddad / Sarah = grandma

Grandma and granddad = are your parents, parents.                                      Granddad and grandma = are your parents, parents.

John and Sarah are Johns parent's. Jack and Jill are Linda's parent's

Learning English lesson family

Paul and linda

Paul = father / Linda = mother

Mother / mummy / mum = are parents of the children.

Father / daddy / dad = are parents of the children

Paul and Linda are married

Learning English lesson family

James and Chloe

James = son / Chloe = daughter 

James and Chloe are brother and sister

Daughter = Children of mum and dad

Son = Children of mum and dad


A list of who's who in the jone's family

Paul is Chloe's father.

James is Linda's son. 

John is Chloe's grandfather.

Sarah is James grandma.

James is Chloe's Brother.

Chloe id James sister.

Paul is Linda husband.

Linda is Paul's wife.

Jack is Chloe's grandfather.

Jill is James grandma

Put the words in the correct order English exercise

How do I complete the exercise?

Copy and write the first question then try to put the words in the correct order. The first one as been done for you as an example

1. your there are in many people How family? = How many people are there in your family?

2. my family. people in There five are

3. you have? many do brothers How

4. are your in Who family?

5. you Are married ?

6. daughter? have a Do son a you or

7. your family does live? Where

8. sisters? Have got you any

9. uncle your married? Is

10. do? does wife your What

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