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How to use a – an - the English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson how to use a– an - the

This lesson you will learn when to use “a”  "the" “an” in sentences when using countable nouns and “the” has to be used instead. The last part of the lesson is a short exercise, were you have to fill in the blanks using “a - an” or leave blank if they are not needed.

Using “a” or “an” with countable nouns to indicate one.

Can I have a cup of coca cola please?

I've got a dog and three sons.

I've got two motorbikes and a mountain bike.

She's a hairdresser.

He's a student.

Do not use “a” before plural nouns!

A cannot used before a plural noun. ** Plural more than 1 ** NOT I've got a sons.

Do not use “a” before uncountable nouns

NOT I want a sugar, please.

When “the” has to be used

You have to use the word “the” when a word is used a second time.the

He gave me a fork and a knife. The knife was dirty.

I bought a pencil and some coloured pens, but I left the pencil in the shop.

When only one object exists

The earth, the sun, Lake Windermere

Fill in blanks using a, an, or leave blank

This exercise you will practice using “a”    “an”. To complete the exercise fill in the blanks using a, an, leave blank if they are not needed.

Copy and write the list on a piece of paper and fill in the missing blanks.

Write a, an, or nothing to complete these sentences.

I'd like ..a.. sandwich, please.

1 They asked me for ..-.. money again. (Leave blank as already correct)

3 Sarah wanted __________ information about the times of the trains.

4 I'd like to buy ______ apple and _____ orange, please.

5 They've got _____ very big dog.

6 Do you like fast _____ motorbikes?

7 We watched ______ films all afternoon.

8 Have you got _____ umbrella?

9 I asked for _____ bread and _____ cheese.

10 Are you drinking _______ milk?

11 I had _____ glass of grape juice.

12 He gave me _____apple as I was hungry.

13 Is there ______ telephone here?

14 We had _____ fruit and cereal for breakfast.

15 I like _____ water and ______ milk.

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