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Jobs and what people do for a living English exercise

Match the occupation with the job description exercise

This exercise is a chance for you to see what you have remembered from the lesson about jobs and occupations. The exercise is a multiple choice to help remind you and also to remember the other types of jobs that people do for a living. If you need a refresh click on the links at the bottom of the page for all the lessons we have on jobs.

How do I complete the exercise?

Copy and write the list on a piece of paper and match the occupation with the correct job title.

Every questions has four answers a, b, c and d questions 1 the answer was c taxi

Match the jobs with the job description

Taxi __1) this person drives a taxi for a living.

Answer = A. cook B. doctor C. taxi driver D. waiter

_____ 2) this person teaches students in a high school for a living.

Answer = A. student B. dentist C. teacher D. bus driver

_____ 3) this person sings songs for a living.

Answer= A. singer B. Hairdresser C. waiter D. truck driver

_____ 4) this person drives a truck for a living.

Answer= A. Nurse B. doctor C. postal worker D. truck driver

_____ 5) this person cooks food in a restaurant for a living.

Answer= A. chef B. Police officer C. student D. teacher

_____ 6) this person works at the police station and helps to fights crime and prevent it

Answer= Nurse B. student C. singer D. Policeman / policewomen

_____ 7) this person serves food in a restaurant or a cafe for a living.

Answer= A. waiter B. student C. singer D. chef

_____ 8) this person studies at school and sometimes college and university.

Answer= A. truck driver B. singer C. student D. dentist

_____ 9) this person takes care of teeth for a living.

Answer = A. Hotel worker B. chef C. dentist D. fire fighter

_____ 10) this person works in a hospital and treats sick people for a living.

Answer= A. doctor B. teacher C. student D. truck driver

_____ 11) this person works in a post office and brings letters for a living.

Answer= A. student B. postal worker C. fire fighter D. waiter

_____ 12) this person fights fires and drives a fire engine for a living.

Answer= A. Policeman B. chef C. fire fighter D. nurse

_____ 13) this person cuts peoples hair for a living.

Answer = A. cook B. hairdresser C. truck driver D. waiter

Print the answers on some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print or copy and past the questions onto a word document and the print.

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