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Types of Holidays you can go on English lesson

What will I be learning from the English lesson types of holidays?

During this English lesson you will learn about the different types of holidays you might want to go on, if you are visiting the UK or your own country.  Each type of holiday has a short explanation of what is involved for each holiday.

Types of holidays you might go on

City break

City breaks are a short holiday; where you visit a city such as London, Manchester, Birmingham ext. you might even want to visit a city in a different country. City breaks can last for a few days or for a weekend.

Day trip

Day trip is a holiday that only last for one day. This is often to the seaside, castle, museum and local attractions. A person who goes on a day trip is often called a "day tripper".

Outward-bound course

Outward-bound course is an activity holiday, which is often for children and teenagers, but there are some for adults as well.

Package holiday

Package holiday is a holiday where everything has been pre-paid the hotel, flight and travel to and back from the airport by car. Sometimes food and drink is included in the package as well.

Sightseeing tour

Sightseeing tour is a holiday normal by coach (sometimes done by trains) where you visit places of interest and stop at various places.


Cruise a journey on a luxurious ship that is like a floating hotel, these types of holidays can be anywhere in the world.

Long weekend

Long weekend are a weekend plus one or two days. If there is a public holiday on a Friday or Monday people in the UK call this a long weekend and often go away on short breaks or day trips to several places.

Public holiday

Public holiday is a national holiday that can be on any day of the week.

Bank holiday

Bank holiday = a type of public holiday in the UK when banks and businesses close for the day. All bank holidays in the UK are usually on Mondays. You might also hear the phrase "bank holiday weekend".

Exercise on different types of holidays

Fill in the blanks with a type of holiday from the list above.

1: -I like going on ___    ___, because I don't have to worry about booking hotels or flights and traveling to the airport.

2: - When we were in Paris, we decided to pay for a ­­­­_____   tour. It was worth it, as we got to see all the sights.

3: - They've taken Friday and Monday off work, so they've got a ______   _________.

4: - Let's get up early tomorrow and have a  _______    __________ to the seaside.

5: - In the UK, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are ________      _________.

6: - The travel agent in Manchester is advertising ______      ________to London.

7: - For their honeymoon, they've booked themselves a Caribbean _______.

8: - . Mr and Mrs Bean always send the children on ______   _____   ______they get to climb big rocks and go mountain biking thru love it.

9: - Next weekend is a ­______ holiday. Does that mean we have a ______    ______? Yes we've got three days to on ______    _____ or go on a _____   ______ to Paris.

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