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"Please"  how to be polite using please + verb  English lesson

What will I be learning from the lesson how to be polite using please + verb?

During this English lesson you will  learn why you need to use the word please when making a request. There are examples of how to use please in sentences for you to practise writing your own.

Why use the word please?

Please is commonly used  when asking someone to do something for you in a polite manner.

  1. Keep quiet. Giving an order to someone
  2. Please keep quiet. By using please make it more polite
  1. Come here. Asking someone to come next to you
  2. Please come here. By using please make it more polite
In the above examples the second sentences is more polite

You can use please at the beginning or end of a sentence

Could you come here, please

Examples of how to use the word 'please' in a sentence

Please pass me the newspaper.
Please can I have a steak and salad.
Please can you stop talking so loud I can not think.
Please wash your hands before we eat lunch.

Will you please sit down?
Help me, please.

Please wait outside until we are ready.
Please put on a thick jumper and a coat as it is very cold outside.
Please stand back from the fire.

The word 'please' can also be used for enjoyment or satisfaction.

The smell of the roses was very pleasing.
We was very pleased with how the children behaved in when we took them to the movies.
It is not possible to please everyone all the time.
Sarah was pleased when her husband bought her flowers.

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