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English money lesson learning how to use it

What will I learn from the lesson learning about English money?

During this lesson you will learn about all the different coins and notes that are used in English currency and how to pay for food or items.

What is English currency?

English money is called £ =  pound (sterling) and is made up of coins and notes.

 Video showing English coins and notes

 List of all the coins and notes 

One pence coin

Has the least value

100 pence in a pound

           an English one pence coin

Two pence coin

Second lowest value


          an English two pence coin

Five pence coin

Third lowest value

20 five pence coins in a pound 

          an English five pence coin

Ten pence coin

10  ten pence coin = one pound

             An English ten pence coin

Twenty pence coin    

5 * 20p = one pound       

          an English twenty pence coin

Fifty pence coin

2 * fifty pence = one pound 

          an English fifty pence coin

One pound coin

100 one pence coin

50 two pence coin

20 five pence coin

10 ten pence coin

5 twenty pence coin

2 fifty pence coin

          an English one pound coin

Two pound coin

5 two pound coins = ten pounds

10 two pound coins = twenty pounds

           an English two pound coin

Five pound note

5 one pound coins = five pound   

            an English five pound note

Ten pound note

10 one pound coins = ten pound 

           an English ten pound note

Twenty pound note

20 one pound coins = twenty pound

2 ten pound notes = twenty pound 

            an English twenty pound note

 Fifty pound note

10 five pounds note = fifty pound

5 ten pounds note = fifty pound

          An English fifty pound note

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Learn how to pay for something using English money

Example 1

How much is that burger?

It's £1.00 or one pound

Example 2

How much is that coat?

It's £12.00 

£12.00 = 1 ten pound and 2 one pound coins or 1 ten pound and 1 two pound coin

Some more examples 
£7.00 1 five pound note and 1 two pound coin
£12.99 1 ten pound note, 1 two pound coin, 1 fifty pence coin, 2 twenty pence coins, 1 five pence coin and 2 two pence coins  
£1.50 1 pound coin and 1 fifty pence coin
£100.00 2 fifty pound notes or 5 twenty pound notes or 10 ten pound notes
£122.00 2 fifty pound notes or 1 twenty pound note and 2 pound coins

 How do I get money so that I can pay for things that I might want to buy?

 While on holiday or visiting the UK you will at some point need to use a cash machine (ATM)

ATM money machine for withdrawing money in England

Cash machine or ATM 

Cash point

Used for withdrawing cash from

Slang term = hole in the wall

 What can I use to pay for things


Using cash to pay for something

Cash is used most to pay for things in the UK

You can get cash from ATM's or going to the bank and withdrawing cash


Paying for goods without using cash

cheque books used for paying for goodsCheque book 

Cheque books can be used to pay for good you want to purchase, to use in the UK you must bank with a British based bank


Credit card used for paying for goodsCredit card visa

Debit card visa

Both cards can be used in UK shops to pay for goods you want. You can also use to withdraw money from cash machines.

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