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Bathroom learning the English words for various items in a bathroom

What will I be learning about during the  lesson various items in a bathroom?

This lesson you will learn about the various things that you might find in a bath room. Next to each image is the item name with examples of how to use the word in a sentence.

Things you will find in a bathroom

examples of how to use them in a sentence


Bath A man taking a bath in the bathroom

A man taking a bath.

Mr Bean prefers to have a bath then having a  shower.


A man having a shower in the bathroom


A man having a shower.

Showers are great when the weather is hot.


a bar of soap used to clean yourself



Soap is used to clean yourself.

Mrs Bean likes soap that smells nice.


towels are used to dry yourself


Towels are used to dry yourself aftera shower or bath.

The towels were lovely and soft.




Can I use your toilet please.

yes, it is upstairs first door on the left.


razor used for shaving



Everyday I need to have a shave.

Can you buy me some new razors please.


bin used in the bathroom



Please can you empty the bin in the bathroom.


toothbrush used forbrushing your teeth


Used to clean your teeth.

You should clean your teeth after every meal with a toothbrush.


toothpaste used for brushing your teeth


Toothpaste is used with a toothbrush to help clean your teeth.

 Can you buy some more toothpaste please the one with 3 coloured strips?


toilet roll holder

 Toilet roll holder

This toilet paper is so soft and it was very cheap at the shop/

Can you put some more toilet paper in the holder please.


toilet brush used for cleaning the toilet


Toilet brush

Mrs Bean cleans the toilet using a toilet brush everyday.


 Mirror with a towel rail underneathbathroom mirror with a towel rail

 Mr Bean used the mirror to have a shave afterwards he used the towel to dry is face.

Mrs Bean like to use the mirror when she is putting her make up on every morning.

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