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Houses and rooms English lesson learning about the various types

 What will I learn from the lesson various houses and rooms inside a house?

During this lesson you will learn about the various rooms you might find in an English home and what they are used for. In the UK there are many types of living accommodations that people live in you will learn the names for each one.

Rooms inside a house

                       rooms inside of  a house

1) Attic is the very top room in a house and can be used for a extra bedroom or for storing things. 

2) Bathroom used for having a shower or bath. Some houses have more than 1 bathrooms in larger houses.

3) Bedroom used for sleeping or having a rest. Most house have between 2 and 3 bedrooms

4) Living room are used by the whole family can listen to music or watch TV

5) Kitchen used to prepare all meals for the family and can be used to eat food there as well.



Learning the different types of living accommodation you might find in the uk



condo apartments have many apartments.

In England condo's are called flats.


Detached house

Detached house

1 house on its own no house on ether side 



A semi detached house


A house that that is attached only on one side




A row of houses that are all connected

Terrace house

A house that belongs to a row of houses.

Terrace houses are identical and are side by side sharing common walls.


 Describing the type of house you live in.

The house that I live in is in the capital of London, I do like it very much as it is right across from the public park were I like to go running after work. My house as three bedrooms,  just one  bathroom with a bath and shower, a living room for all the family, a kitchen, a downstairs toilet,  every room is very well furnished. Although my house is very nice it does take a lot of time to clean everyweek