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Learning quantity and how to order food in quantity

What will I be learning in this English lesson.

During this lesson you will be learning how to ask a person for food or refuse someone. Included are examples of conversations of people asking for food in an English cafe.

expressions of quantity using: some / any

Affirmative Question Negative
I want a hot dog Do you want a hot dog? I don't want a hot dog
I want some french fries          Do you want any french fries?           I don't want any french fries
I want some coco cola Do you want any coco cola? I don't want any coco cola

Please take note!

Use some when offering something.

Do you want some coffee? -  yes, please or no, thank you

How about some coco cola?

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Count and non - count nouns

Count Non-count Count or non-count
A hot dog some bread a salad or some salad
An apple some coffee a sausage or some sausage  
A piece of cake             some chicken              a soup or some soup

Ordering a small quantity of food May I have a sandwich please

I would  like 3 cups of coffee and 2 doughnuts, please.

I would  like 6 icecreams please with chocolate sauce on top.

May I have two slices of blackberry pie.

Is there any pizza left? There are 4 pieces of pizza left in the box.

Exercise use a / an or some

Click here for the lesson on when to use a / an

Use the 3 examples to help you.

  1. banana / bag = There's a banana in the bag.
  2. apples / box = There are some apples in the box.
  3. rice / pot = There's some rice in the pot.
  4. Salad / kitchen =
  5. Ice cream / refigerator =
  6. Eggs / box =
  7. French fries / bag =
  8. Chicken / oven =
  9. orange / bag =
  10. Soup / pot =

Practise, complete the conversation using some or any

Mr Bean: Do you have______ tomato juice?
Waiter: No, we dont't have ________.
Waiter: But we do have _____ orange jucie.
Waiter: would you like_____ shrimp?

Mr Bean: Do you ______ coffee?
Waiter: No, thanks I prefer ________ milk.

Mr Bean: Can i help you?
Waiter: Yes please, have you _____ fish today?
Waiter: But we do have _____ orange jucie.
Waiter: Sorry we do not have _____ today?

Mr Bean: Jumnaer, eat ______ fruit it is good for you?
Waiter: No, I don't want _____ am not hungry.

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