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English lesson learning tell people what you like to do

 What will I learn from the lesson  learning tell people what you like to do?

During this lesson you will learn how to use the verb like to tell people what you like to do in your spare time. The last part of the lesson is a brief conversation between friends and a small  exercise for you to complete.

Things you might like to do as a in your spare time
exercise pool snooker dance football the drums the guitar go the movies
chat online listen to music read watch TV Hang out with friends play football tennis swimming
go running go running surfing cricket basketball rugby cricket golf

Learning to use the verb like

Affirmative                                  Negative                                        

I like to dance I Don't (do + not) like to dance
You like to go running You Don't (do + not) like to go running
We like learning English We Don't (do + not) learning English
They      like      to chat online They    Don't (do + not) like to chat online
He likes to play the guitar       He Doesn't (does + not)              like to play the drums
She likes to go the movies   She Doesn't (does + not) like play sport

 How to ask a question about what you like.

Question                                             short answer                    short answer

Do I like to dance yes you do no you  don't
Do you like to go running yes I do no  I don't
Do we like football yes we do no  we don't
Do they        like to chat online yes they do no  they don't
Does he like playing the guitar yes he does no  he doesn't
Does           she like going the movies        yes          she     does    no     she    doesn't  

Examples of above

I like to dance or i don't like to dance

He likes to dance or he Doesn't like to dance.

A conversation between two friends Mr Bean and Mr Jones

Mr Bean: Do you like to go running yes I do like running

Mr Jones Does Mrs Bean like to dance Mr Bean: yes she does

Mr Bean: What's your favorite pastime?Do you like to play the guitar

Mr Jones: I like to hang out with friends, and i love to listen to music.

Mr Bean: can you play a musical instrument.

Mr Jones: No,I can't.

Mr Bean: Can you sing?

Mr Jones: Only in the shower. How about you?

Mr Bean: I like to chat on the internet and I like to play games.

Mr Jones: Me too. I love tyo play football, basketball, tennis and cricket.Lots of peeople like to play sport

Mr Bean: I don't like exercise. I''m talking about computer games.

mr Jones: Oh, now I get it.

About the conversation. Answer the following using true or false

  1. _______ Mr Jones doesn't like to go out with is friends.
  2. _______ Mr Jones can not play any musical instrument.
  3. _______ Mr Bean likes to chat to friends on the interent.
  4. _______ MrJones loves o play football.
  5. _______ Mr Bean likes to play sports as well.