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Learning English Months of the year

What will I learn from the lesson learning the English twelve months of the year?

During this lesson you will learn about the twelve months of the year how many days there are in each month. the last part of the lesson you will learn to use prepositions when talking about months and days.

January   February   March   April   May   June   July   August   September   October   November   December Months of the year

Short form (written only)  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Famous song children and adults sing to remember how many days there are in a month

30 days has September,
April, June and November,
All the rest have 31
Except for February alone
Which has 28 each year
And 29 in each leap year."

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 How many days are there in a month?

January has 31 days

February has 28 days (29 days in a leap year) (leap year every 4 years0

March has 31 days

April has 30 days

May has 31 days

June has 30 days

July has 31 days

August has 31 days

September has 30 days

October has 31 days

November has 30 days

December has 31 days

**  Hint all the months of the year must start in capital letters **                    click here for the  English lesson learning when to use capital letters

How to use in a sentence if talking about single dates 

**  Hint when talking about days use on (time proposition) ** click here for the  English lesson learning prepositions and how to use them

My birthday is on the 5th August. 

My new car arrives on the 6th

Propositions used when talking about months.

** Hint  When talking about months we use in **

My new car arrives in September.

It snows a lot in January.

My birthday is in February.

How to talk to someone about the date 

Mr Bean:- Can you tell me what date is today please.

Mr Jones:- yes today is the 19th of August 2012


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