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Hobby asking questions and answering questions about hobbies

What will  I learn from the English lesson hobbies and questions and answers?

During this English lesson you will learn about the questions that you can ask about hobbies and also how to answer these questions. The last part of the lesson is how to make statements.

What is a hobby 

Hobbies are something that you can in your own  leisure time for pleasure by yourself or with friends and family. By having a hobby you can talk about any time with friends or family. 

List of hobbies

There is a list of hobbies available for you to view, but at the moment there are not any description for any due to the amount of time it will take, however in the future they will be added.

Click in the link to view the large list of hobbies

Some questions you can ask a friend about hobbies

Do you have a hobby?
What is your hobby
What do you do in your spare time?
What do you like to do?
Do you have any other hobbies you like doing?
If you had extra time, what would you do with it?

There are other ways that you can ask someone about there hobbies, but for the purpose of this lesson we have only listed the more common ways. Below is a list of answer to some of these questions.

Answering questions:

My main hobby is golf, but I also like to play football on a Sunday.
I like to play snooker in my free time.
When am not working,I like talking to other people on the Internet.
In my spare time, I love cooking cakes.
I like to read cartoon books.
During the summer I play cricket, then in the winter, I liking playing football in the local park.
I like most type of sports, but I like football best.

Making statements:

I am going to try and find a hobby. at weekends I have little to do.
You might find your are not so lonely if you had some hobbies.
Hobbies are fantastic, because they allow you to do what you enjoy and makes you happy.
I have a lot of hobbies, I just wish that there more time to allow me to do more.
I love to go skiing. It's breathtaking.

I would go sailing a lot more, but it is a long drive to the lake and cost a lot of money to rent a boat.
I wish golfing wasn't so expensive. I would golf almost everyday if I could afford it.

Asking questions about hobbies

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