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Expressing your opinion - express your opinion in English 

How to express your opinion 

During this English lesson you will learn how to express your opinion, either for or against.

Express your opinion in English

Giving opinions

I have seen / noticed / absented that ...

I just don t think its right that ...

One argument in favour of ... is that ...

I think people should (have the right to)

Clarifying your opinion

No. that's not what I'm trying to say.

What I mean is ...

No, that's not what I mean.

All I'm saying is that...

Giving the opposite opinion

Maybe. but it seems to me that ...

I partly agree. but I still believe that...

I don't agree. In my opinion. ...

I completely disagree. To me. ...

Giving yourself time to think

That's an interesting point.

I've never really thought about that.

Um, let me think.

Its hard to say.

Expressing your opinion

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Expressing opinion English lesson

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