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Expressions used for farewells and goodbyes 


Formal goodbyesGoodbyes and farewell sayings in the English language

  • Goodbye. 

    "Goodbye" is probably the most used farewell to say goodbye. 

  • Farewell. 
    You wont say farewell very often and you only hear sometimes in films. 
  • Have a good day. 
    You can use the following when you don't know the person very well. Have a nice day, Have a good evening or Have a good night. 
  • Take care. 
    This one is used when you are talking to someone you might not see for a while or are worried about.

Casual goodbyes

Casual goodbyes are used a lot more then formal goodbyes.

  • Bye! can be used for family members, friends or people you don't know that well
  • Take it easy is used to tell someone to relax and don't work to hard.

  • Bye bye!  This is mainly by young children, but is often used by adults as well.

  •  See you later. See you later is used when you will be seeing the person later in the day.
  • Later!  This is used by the younger generation and is seen as cool.

  • Have a good one. When you say "Have a good one" it means have a good afternoon / evening / day / week. When saying it to someone it general means have a good a morning ext.

  • So long. This goodbye is not used very often and you will only hear it from someone on the tv.

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