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Learning how to make a promise English lesson

How to use the word promise

When you use the word 'promise' you are giving your word that what you are saying is the truth. It can also be used when you need to guarantee someone that you will do what you are saying to them.Learn how to use the word promise and what it means when you say it

Use the word ‘promise’ when you are saying  you will not do a certain thing.

Examples of using I promise not to.

I promise not to tell.

I promise not to leave without you.

I promise not to be so late.

I promise not to hurt your feelings.

I promise not to wake you up.

Use the word ‘promise’ when you need to assure someone of what your intentions are.

Examples of using I promise.

I promise you that I am telling the truth.

I promise that I will revise for my English test.

I promise to call you when I get back.

I promise I will tell you what has happened while you were away.

I promise that we will come to your leaving party next week.

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How to use the word promise and what it means

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