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Making excuses for yourself and other people English lesson

Making excuses for yourself or someone else

Excuses that are covered in the lesson are:-

yourself, someone else, weather, traffic, health, time and technology

Most of the excuses that are listed below can be altered for different situations. 


I wish I could, but I have to finish cleaning my house.

I wish I could, but I have to go the dentist

How to make excuses for yourself

I wish I could, but I have to finish cleaning the house.

Sorry, I can't afford to go to the movies tonight.

I missed the train / bus, plane ext.

Being honest when making excuses

I could not be bothered to wash the car.

I did not feel like it.

I was not in the mood yesterday.

I got bored.

I was not sure what to do, so I did not so it.

I could not find the right address.

How to blame other people

We thought you were going to do it.

You said that you would do it in the morning.

I had to take my grandfather to hospital last night.

Jason told me many times that we did not need to do it.

How to blame technology

Sorry, I could not make it. The traffic was really bad this morning.

The coach broke down.

The printer ran out of coloured ink.

The computer crashed and I lost all my work.

The internet was down this afternoon.

I could not get a connection in the office.

How to blame the weather

It was too cold.

It was too hot.

The snow was bad, and it caused many roads impassable.

How to blame time

I did not have a watch to see what the time was.

I was very busy.

I had too many things to do in a short time.

I ran out of time.

I wish I could, but I am just leaving the office and it's already too late.

How to blame health

Please can you serve yourself? I am on a diet and I might be tempted to eat a hot dog.

I really want to help you, but my doctor told me to rest my back.

Am sorry I cannot help you as am taking medication.

I really need to rest.

I woke up being sick.

Making excuses for someone

She is tired.

He is not like that I am surprised.

He is going through a bad patch at the moment.

He's usually very pleasant and cheerful.

They always have too much workload.

Making excuses for yourself or someone else English lesson


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