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Expressing your opinion English lesson

How to express your opinion in English

This English lesson you will learn how to express your opinion, either for or against.

These terns can be used to introduce an opinion

I think that.Learning how to express your opinion English lesson

I feel that.

I believe.

As I see it.

In my opinion.

It seems to me that.

I figure that.

From my point of view.

I'm of the opinion that.

As far as I am concerned.

My point of view is that.

In my view.

If you ask me.

To be (quite) honest / (Quite) honestly

Agreeing with an opinion

My view about this is positive.

I agree with this idea.

This idea is absolutely right.

This idea is partially right.

I couldn't agree more on this.

I agree completely with this idea.

I agree partially with this idea.

I think this idea is good.

Disagreeing with an opinion

I think this idea is impossible/impractical/bad.

I think this idea is possible, but……

I think this idea cannot be implemented.

I don't agree with this idea.

I think it is a bad idea.

I would be interested to know what you think about...

What is your point of view on...

What's your opinion on / of /about...

What do you think about...

How do you feel about...

I'm not sure that I agree with this idea.

The project is feasible, but...

Asking people for their opinion

I would be interested to know what your thoughts on

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