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Basic seafood vocabulary and conversation about 2 friends talking about seafood

Learning some basic seafood vocabulary and a conversation English lesson

This English lesson you will learn the vocabulary for some basic seafood. The last part of the lesson is a conversation between 2 friends talking about seafood.

Seafood vocabulary

Learning the vocabulary for some basic seafood English lesson

Conversation between 2 friends about seafood

John:  I’ve been getting lazy with my cooking lately and I just brought some salmon burgers at the supermarket.

Linda:  Wow! They sound good

John:  Yes I thought so too.

Linda:  I always find it interesting when they make different meats into burger form, but salmon in a burger sounds great as they are good to have in a sandwich. 

John:  Yea, you’re right; seafood is generally not something that is graced with burger format.

Linda:  That’s true; it’s usually chowders or bisques. My favourite is crab bisque.

John:  Crab bisque is very tasty, but honestly I love sushi just eating fish.

Linda:  Yeah, that makes sense. But don’t you love a good lobster roll?

John:  I love a good lobster roll. If I could get a lobster in burger form, I would buy it straight away.

Linda:  Of course, me too, I guess a lobster roll is kind of a lobster in burger form as It’s a sandwich.

John:  OK, obviously you and I love our seafood. Do people give you complain if you open a tuna or salmon sandwich at work?

Linda:  I don’t usually eat any sandwich or salad at work that as fish in it, because it can make the room smell?

John:  Yes, you are right sometimes in the summer I eat my lunch outside so fish sandwich or salad is fine then.

Vocabulary explained

Bisques: Is a smooth soup made from fish.

Chowders: Is a seafood or vegetable stew.

Lobster roll: Is a sandwich filled with lobster meat soaked in butter and served on a roll.

Inside an office questions that you can ask

These questions can be used when any of the office equipment shown in the picture. With a partner try and practise each question.

who is in reception this week? Sarah is in reception Linda is on holiday.

A) Will you take these letters to the mail room they need posting straight away? B) OK, I will take them now. How do you want them posting with a first or second class stamps. A) First class please.

A) Is anyone using the conference room this afternoon  B) No, it is free all day.

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