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Prepositions of place using at in on and direction English lesson

Learning how to use prepositions about place and directions using on in at

This English lesson shows you how to use the prepositions how to use prepositions when talking about place or direction. for each of the 3 prepositions are examples of how to use in a sentence.

Prepositions at in on



You Use 'at' when you are at a place in a town, city or some other community:

at the window, at the entrance, at the door,  

at the end of the street - at the station - at the top on a cover

Bill is waiting for you at the bus stop.


In is used when in an enclosed space:

in the car,  in the house, in Manchester, in the sea, in her bag, in a row, in a city

There is nobody in the house.

She lives in a big city.


We use on when talking about a surface:

on the ceiling, on the table, on the floor, on a train, on the wall, on the bed, 

Have you seen the notice on the notice board?

Examples of how to use prepositions of place in a sentence

Sarah is waiting for you at the train station.

The bank is at the end of the street.

My areoplane stopped at Dubai  airport and arrived in Bangkok nearly two hours late.

What time will you arrive at the work tomorrow?

Do you work in an office?

I have a business meeting in London next week.

Do you live in London?

Mars is in the Solar System.

The author's name is always on the front cover of the book.

There are no prices on these clothes.

That hurt you were standing on my foot.

There are "no smoking" sign on the wall in the office canteen.

I live on the 4th floor of my apartment at 2 Dukes brow  in Manchester.

Some examples of prepositions of place

Learning prepositions of place and direction


at in on










at the corner in the garden on the wall
at the bus stop in London on the ceiling
at the door in France on the door
at the top of the page in a box on the cover
at the end of the road in my pocket on the floor
at the entrance in my wallet on the carpet
at the crossroads in a building on the menu
at the front desk in a car on a page


Notice the use of the prepositions of place atin and on in these standard expressions:

at in on
at home in a car on a bus
at work in a taxi on a train
at school in a helicopter on a plane
at university in a boat on a ship
at college in a lift (elevator) on a bicycle, on a motorbike
at the top in the newspaper on a horse, on an elephant
at the bottom in the sky on the radio, on television
at the side in a row on the left, on the right
at reception in Oxford Street on the way

Prepositions of place and direction

higher than something. The picture hangs above my bed.
from one side to the other side You mustn't go across this road here.
There isn't a bridge across the river.
one follows the other The cat ran after the dog.
After you.
directed towards something. The bird flew against the window.
in a line; from one point to another They're walking along the beach.
in a group I like being among people.
in a circular way We're sitting around the campfire.
at the back of Our house is behind the supermarket.
lower than something. Death Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
next to Our house is beside the supermarket.
something./somebody. is on each side Our house is between the supermarket and the school.
near He lives in the house by the river.
near Our house is close to the supermarket.
from high to low He came down the hill.
the place where it starts Do you come from Tokyo?
the part that is in the direction it faces Our house is in front of the supermarket.
opposite of outside You shouldn't stay inside the castle.
entering something. You shouldn't go into the castle.
close to Our house is near the supermarket.
beside Our house is next to the supermarket.
away from something. The cat jumped off the roof.
moving to a place The cat jumped onto the roof.
on the other side Our house is opposite the supermarket.
leaving something. The cat jumped out of the window.
opposite of inside Can you wait outside?
above something./somebody. The cat jumped over the wall.
going near something./somebody. Go past the post office.
in a circle We're sitting round the campfire.
going from one point to the other point You shouldn't walk through the forest.
towards something./somebody. I like going to Australia.

Can you come to me? 
I've never been to Africa.
in the direction of something. We ran towards the castle.
below something. The cat is under the table.
from low to high He went up the hill.

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