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First aid box and injuries vocabulary using pictures English lesson

Learning the vocabulary for first aid and injuries

The English lesson you will learn the vocabulary for a first aid kit and injuries. You will also learn some basic sentences on what to say to an injured person and what they might say to you.

What is a first aid kit?

It is a kit that consist of a set of bandages and medicines for giving first aid to someone with an injury.

Learn the vocabulary for a first aid kit

Vocabulary used in the picture

painkillers, ointment, safety pin, adhesive bandage, antiseptic, antiseptic wipe, tweezers, scissors, bandage, splint, dressing, resuscitation, gauze

What to say if someone is injured

Where does it hurt?

Can you show me where it hurts?

Are you OK?

Let me help you

Can I help you, am trained in first aid

If the person is in too much pain

If you can help them,  treat them till an ambulance or doctor arrives

If you can not help, call an ambulance

What a person who is injured might say

Can you help me?

I have pain in my leg / arm / chest ext.

My leg is hurting, my arm is hurting ext.

Do you know first aid?

I need to go to hospital.

Types of injuries

Learning the vocabulary for injuries

Vocabulary used in the picture about injuires

sprain, fracture, whiplash, cut, graze, bruise, splinter, sling, neck brace, sunburn, burn, bite, sting

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Dictionary and how to use dictionaries

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