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Post office conversation with 2 people

What is the conversation at the post office about?

Karen is going to the post office to post a parcel to Thailand. When Karen is at the post office she has a conversation with the post office clerk, who talks Karen through the procedure.

Conversation at the post office

Conversation about sending a parcel at the post office

Postal office clerk: Good morning, what can I do for you today?

Karen: Good morning. I have to send this parcel to Thailand, please.

Postal office clerk: OK, pass me the parcel through the opened window and let’s see how much it weighs. It weighs 3 kilos. you need to send it by airmail, it will get there in about 7 days. 

Postal office clerk: You also have the option of using international signed for.

Karen: What is that? 

Postal office clerk: Same as airmail, but the person in Thailand has to sign for it when the post man delivers it to them.

Karen: How much does that cost?

Postal office clerk: An extra £5.15 [five pounds and fifteen pence] and it is insured up to £50 [fifty pounds] 

Karen: It's OK, 7 days by airmail is fine. How much will sending the parcel be?

Postal office clerk: £10.15 [ten pounds and fifteen pence]. Do you need anything else?

Karen: Oh, I nearly forgot. I need to buy 2 books of stamps, one first class and the other second class.

Postal office clerk: OK, that will be £15.35 [fifteen pounds and thirty five pence].

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