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Conversation about getting your hotel room cleaned conversation between 2 people

Whats the conversation about cleaning a hotel room about?

This is a Conversation about a lady called Bridget and a receptionist called Linda. The conversation starts with Bridget saying she would like her hotel room cleaned, while her family are out for the day.

Getting your roomed cleaned conversation

Conversation about getting your room cleaned while you are out for most of the day

Hotel reception: Reception Linda speaking. How can I help you today?

Bridget: Hello, I’m staying in room 321. I would like you to send someone to clean the room, if it is possible?

Linda: Sure. Do you want it cleaned now or do you have a time in mind?

Bridget: Well, me and my family are leaving in 15 minutes. Could you send someone after we have left. We will be out then for most of the day

Linda: Alright that is no problem. Is there anything else I may help you with?

Bridget: No, that’ll be all for now, if I need anything I will give you a call. 

Linda: OK. Have a nice day out with your family. Your room will be clean by midday.

Bridget: Thank you Linda.

Conversation on getting your room cleaned in a hotel tips

How can I help you today? How is one of the question words that have the letters 'wh'

if it is possible? Bridget is asking if you can have her room cleaned today or not.

Do you have a time in mind? The receptionist is asking if Bridget has a time in mind. Which she doesn't as wants it cleaning after they have left.

Your room will be clean by midday. When the receptionist says this, she is telling Bridget that her room will be cleaned in plenty of time before the family arrive back as Bridget as already said the family is out for most of the day.

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