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Conversation on getting your clothes / laundry washed in a hotel

What is the conversation about getting your laundry / clothes washed in a hotel

Fred is staying in a hotel and needs is laundry (clothes) washing so he telephones the hotel receptionist to send someone to collect is laundry.

Getting your clothes / laundry washed in a hotel conversation

Getting your laundry / clothes washed in a hotel conversation

Fred: Hello. Can you please send someone to pick up my laundry from my room?

Hotel receptionist: Sure. Would you like me to send the laundry staff right now or later?

Fred: Well, I'm leaving to go on a fishing trip in about thirty minutes. So, if you could send someone in the next fifteen to twenty minutes, that would be great.

Hotel receptionist: Sure, Sir that won't be a problem.

Hotel receptionist: What is your room number?

Fred: My room number is 123.

Fred: When will the clothes be returned to my room? I'm leaving on Saturday.

Hotel receptionist: Well, today is Thursday, it usually takes a day so should be ready to collect tomorrow evening, but you can ask the laundry staff for a better estimate.

Fred: Alright I will do. Thank you.

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