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Booking or scheduling a taxi at a hotel conversation between 2 people

What's the conversation about booking or scheduling a taxi?

This is a conversation about a guest called David who is talking to a girl at the reception desk. David wants to order a taxi to take him to a business conference the next day.

Booking or scheduling a taxi in a hotel conversation

Ordering a taxi from the hotel conversation

David: Hello, would you organize me a taxi for tomorrow afternoon?

Hotel receptionist: That will be no problem. Where do you want the taxi to take you?

David: Well, I have to be at a business conference for 2 o clock at the Regents hotel. I'm hoping that it is not very far away from here.

Hotel receptionist: No. It’s only a twenty minute drive from this hotel and your will be fine as the traffic is very quite at that time.

David: Then one thirty will be fine. No! make it one fifteen to be on the safe side. Book the taxi for 1-15 in the afternoon, please.

Hotel receptionist: OK. I will make booking right away for you.

David: Thank you for your help. And please tell the taxi company  to make sure the taxi arrives by 1-15, as that will leave me plenty of time.

Hotel receptionist: Would you like me to order a taxi for when you return?

David: That's a great idea. Could make sure the taxi waiting for me outside for 8 o clock

Hotel receptionist: Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that.

Conversation on booking a taxi with hotel staff tips

Would you organize me a taxi. By saying organize, you are asking the receptionist to ring a taxi company and order a taxi for the time you want.

Where do you want the taxi to take you? Where is a question word. The receptionist is asking where are you going?

I'm hoping that it is not very far away from here. When saying I'm hoping it implies you wish the conference at the Regents hotel is close and don' not have travel far.

No! make it one fifteen to be on the safe side. David is worried he might be late, by saying to be on the safe side it means. You are doing something that may not be needed to order to protect yourself against possible problems.

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