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Asking for a wake up call conversation between 2 people

Whats the conversation on asking for a wake up call about?

This is a conversation between two people one is John and the other is the hotel receptionist. John is trying to arrange a wake up call and also for breakfast to be delivered to is room.

Asking for a wake up call conversation

John: Hello am John.

Hotel receptionist: Yes, Sir. How may I help you today?

John: I have a plane to catch tomorrow morning and I can't miss it. Is it possible to arrange a wake-up call for 6:30am?

Hotel receptionist: Yes, I am arranging that right now. What is your room number?

John: Am staying in room 666.

Hotel receptionist: OK, you’ll get your wake-up call at 6:30 in the morning. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

John: YesI’d like to have some breakfast and a pot of tea delivered to by room after my wake up call.

Hotel receptionist: What breakfast would you like a full English or continental breakfast. 

John: A full English with extra toast please.

Hotel receptionist: Alright. 

John: Yeah. That’ll be all for now. I will settle my bill, when I check out in the morning.

Hotel receptionist: Would also like me to arrange a taxi to the airport for you?

John: Hmm, yes that would be great. Can you order one for 8-30am.

Hotel receptionist: Yes, that will be fine. Is that all?

John: Yes, Thanks for all your help.

Hotel receptionist: It was my pleasure. Have a nice day.

John: Thanks and you to. Bye.

Conversation hints on asking for a wake up call

Hello am John is a basic way to introduce yourself when you don't know the person your calling.

Hello sir is very polite way of answering the telephone. The hotel receptionist could have answered hello John, but saying yes, sir is more professional.

Is there anything else I can help you with today? By asking is there anything else allows John to ask for something else.

Is that all? This is used to see if John wants to order or ask for something else or not.

A wake up call conversation between a guest and the hotel receptionist

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