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2 friends having a conversation at supermarket while shopping

What is the conversation about?

The conversation is between 2 friends called Deborah and Chloe. They are shopping in a supermarket and while looking at desserts, decide to buy the ingredients to bake a cake. After the conversation is a few hints about the conversation.

Conversation 2 friends shopping in a supermarket

Conversation between 2 friends shopping at the super market

Chloe: Hey, Deborah. take a look at those desserts they look so good! How about baking a cake when we get home?

Deborah: Hmm ... Yes, that’s a brilliant idea! We better buy some ingredients then, while we are here.

Deborah: OK, do you know what we need to bake a cake?

Chloe: The recipe I use calls for flour, sugar, icing sugar and butter. Oh! I nearly forgot, and we also need some eggs and chocolate chips and a chocolate flake to sprinkle on top.

Deborah: Well you get the dairy ingredients.

Chloe: Where is the dairy products?

Deborah: You’ll find them in the refrigerated section in aisle 16 and 17, which is next to the frozen section. I’ll get all the other ingredients, as they’re in aisle 6.

Chloe: Great! then, Let’s meet at the checkout. I'm so looking forward to baking this cake now

Deborah: OK. Lets do it. See you there shortly.

Conversation about shopping for ingredients hints 

How about is a good way to suggest doing something.

Hmm is used when you need to pause for a moment while you are think of an answer.

Yes, that’s a brilliant idea! Deborah as thought about baking a cake and by saying brilliant shows she really wants to help bake a cake.

Why don’t you is used to ask someone to do something, but it can also be used to give advice.

What are aisles?

Aisle uses a silent "s".

An aisle is used to store food and other products on their shelves. Each aisle also has a number so people shopping can find things easily.

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