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Dairy products for beverages and food vocabulary English lesson

What are dairy products?

The word "dairy" is an adjective that is used to describe any product that has been made from milk:

Where can I find and buy dairy products

You will  be able to find milk in the dairy section of any supermarket or grocery store.

What are dairy products?

Some of the more common dairy products are milk, cheese, butter, cream, ice cream, and yogurt. all of these have been made from milk.


milk , low-fat milk, skim milk, flavoured milk, cheese, butter, margarine,

sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt

Can only cows milk can make dairy products

No, this not true although most dairy products come from a cow, any animal that produces milk can also be classed as a dairy product.

Dairy products 

Learning about dairy products English lesson.

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