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Telephoning for help after car accident a conversation between 3 people

Calling for help after accident between 2 cars telephone conversation

Telephone conversation between 3 people after accident

Paul: Oh my god! That car just gone through that red light and hit another car!

Jane: Can you see if anyone is hurt?

Paul: I don’t know I'm going to call 999. Hello? I would like to report a car accident 

Operator: Do you know if anyone is injured?

Paul: It looks like a woman is hurt.

Operator: When did the accident happen and where?

Paul: It has just happened right now.The accident happened opposite the Tesco supermarket on Luke Street. 

Operator:  An ambulance, Fire engine and a police car will be there in 5 minutes

Paul: OK, thanks. Bye.

Jane: What did the operator say to you?

Paul: They’re are sending an ambulance, fire engine and a police car within the next 5 minutes.

Jane: Good, I hope that they arrive soon. I hope the woman is OK she looks to be moving with no problems.

Paul: Yes, I hope so too. You have to be very careful at all times when you’re driving.

Conversation tips on telephone conversation

Oh my god! Is an expression to show surprise. You could use hey as well.

That car just gone through that red light and hit another car! You have to say this using a lot of energy.

Anyone hurt? Is a yes or no question said with a tone of worry.

999. Is the telephone number used for the emergency services in the UK.

Paul talking to the operator

Paul's tone of voice will be stressed as they are important details the operator needs.

Telephone conversation about an accident conversation between 3 people