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Going to doctors conversation between 2 people

Conversation at the doctors

This is a conversation about a lady called Kate who is feeling unwell and is telling the doctor her problems.

How to tell the doctor about your problem conversation

Doctor Jones: What seems to be the problem?

Kate: Well, since yesterday I have a really bad cough and a sore throat and I also got a headache.

Doctor Jones: How long have you been having all these symptoms?

Kate: I have them about three days now, but since yesterday they have become a lot worse and I am really tired, too as I can’t sleep due to coughing most if the night.

Doctor Jones: Well, It sounds to me that you have got flu. You must take 2 aspirin with water every four hours and must have plenty of rest. Also you must drink lots of fluids. If you are still sick next week book another appointment to see me again.

Kate: OK, thank you doctor for you time.

Doctor Jones: You’re welcome. Here is your prescription.

Conversation notes

Buying more time

Well can be used as an introductory word. The vowel can drawn out, to sound like “Weeeeeell” This is good way to give you more time, while you are thinking about what you want to say next.

How long?

About is used to give an estimate of time. About three days now.

Still sick

Means if you continue to be sick.

Going to the doctors and telling him you symptoms. Conversation between 2 people

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