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Conversation about the weather between 2 friends English lesson

Weather conversation between 2 people

In England people love to talk about the weather and the following conversation is about 2 friends called Jane and Eve talking about how cold the weather is.

Conversation about the weather

JANE: It’s really cold outside! What ever happened to the weather report they was telling us? I thought this cold front was supposed to finish last night.

EVE: Yes, I thought so too. That’s what I saw on the weather report on TV last night. They never get the weather right.

JANE: I suppose the wind chill is really bringing down the temperature down making it cooler than it is.

EVE: Do you mind if we go inside? I feel like my toes are starting to go numb. I will make us both some warm coffee.

JANE: That sounds great. Do you have any cookies?

EVE: For sure. I brought a packet this morning.

EVE: I will also make a log fire.

JANE: That sounds wonderful. I like log fires they are so beautiful.

EVE: OK let’s get inside and get warm.

About the conversation between 2 friends talking about the weather

Whats a cold front

A cold front is a very big mass of cold air. A cold front means the temperature will be be colder then normal. It can also be plural. There was multiple cold fronts this winter.

How to use "I saw on the weather report on TV last night"  with other verbs

The emphasis on “I saw on the weather report on TV last night.” This is a very useful phrase that can be used with other verbs to show information That’s what I heard on the radio. / That’s what I read online. / That’s what I read in the newspaper this morning.

Describing weather

To describe cold weather these words are a good way to describe. Chill,  freezing  cold, can you can feel the wind chill, I feel the wind chill today, I am freezing or I am cold.

What is wind chill?

Wind chill is due to the amount of wind that is blowing causing the temperature feel colder on a person’s skin then the real temperature really is. Wind chill is an uncountable noun. Today the temperature is 5 degrees, but with the wind being very strong the wind chill factor it is making feel like -12. 

Types of weather

Talking about the weather conversation between 2 people

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