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Talking on the telephone 

What will I learn from the English lesson talking on the phone

The first part of the lesson you will learn how to do the following:-

introduce yourself - ask for a callers name - say want your after

 how to respond to a call - a reason for calling - leaving and taking a message

 asking to someone to repeat themselves 

Making contact

Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon 

This is Jason Brown speaking
Could I speak to Jane please
I'd like to speak to ..... .....

I'm trying to contact ..........


Introducing yourself in a work enviroment

Good morning, Mc Donalds  how can I help you?

Hello, the Grand Royal Hotel. Sarah Brown speaking what can I do for you?

Hello, this is John from Manchester college.

Hello, my name’s Peter . I’m calling from Microsoft .

Asking for the caller’s name

Who’s calling, please?

Can I have your name, please?

Saying who you want

Can I have the accounts department? I’d like to speak to … .

Could I speak to Linda, please?

Is David there, please?

I’m calling about the dog you have for sale .


I’ll put you through. Hold the line, please.talking on the telephone English lesson

I’m sorry he/ she is not available.

I’m afraid he/ she’s busy at the moment.

I’m afraid he/ she’s away/ not in at the moment/ in a meeting.

Reason for calling

I’m ringing to … . I’d like to … .

I need some information about … .

 Leaving and taking a message

Can I leave a message? Can I take a message?

Would you like to leave a message?

Please tell him/ her … .

Could you ask him/ her to call me? Could you tell him/ her I called?

Asking for repetition

I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch your name/ your number. Sorry, I didn’t hear that.

Could you repeat it, please?

Could you say it again? I’m afraid I didn’t understand. Could you spell that, please?

Could you speak up?

Print the lesson

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