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How to use the word off correctly and what it means English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson on using the word off?

During this lesson you will learn what the word "off" means and how to use it in a sentence. 

What does the word off mean?

The word off has many different meanings. The word "off" mostly means separating or moving away from something, but it has other  meanings like "not on", "leaving", "starting", "moving away","separating from".

jump off = jump from the top of something
start off = leave your current place
switch off = turn a switch so that something isn't operating
take off = leave the ground (aeroplane).  Remove from the top of something, or remove an item of clothing.
get off = dismount or get down from something. ( get off a train. get off a horse).
run off = escape or run away. (The man was seen running away from the scene).
peel off = remove (a sticky label or skin of a fruit of vegetable).
cut off = cut a piece from something (cut off the).
put off = delay until later ).
write off = a car that as been in a accident and is beyond repair.
work off = lose (fat) by exercise.

Below is a list of how to use the word off using the following:

Adverbhow to use the word off English lesson
To move away from the place or position, no longer supported or attached

"The button on my shirt is about to come off"

"the woman ran off"

"The man drove off"

Moving away from, deviate from, 

"We had sailed off course"

"he rolled off the bed"

"The cat jumped off the wall"

Someone performing or feeling worse than usual; unsatisfactory or inadequate, starting on one's way; leaving:

"We are off to Thailand on Holiday on Saturday"

"having an off day"

"Your golf game is off today Bob"

The words off is rarely used as a noun or a verb

Noun (mainly cricket)
The half of the field toward which the batsman's feet are pointed when standing to receive the ball is called the off. 

Combination A fielding position in cricket mid-off

Kill; murder: "he was hired to off her stalker".

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