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List of body parts with description and video

What will I learn from the lesson learning about body parts in English?

This lesson shows a list of over 40 body parts. Each one as an explanation or example of how to use in a sentence. 

A list of body parts with a small description 

  1. Arm:- Mr smith has very strong arms.
  2. Eye:- Mrs Smith has blue eye's.
  3. Eyebrow:- Mrs Smith likes to trim her eyebrows.
  4. Belly:- Mr smith has got a large belly due to eating a lot of chocolate and cakes.
  5. Leg:- Mr Smith has long legs which helps him run very fast. 
  6. Breast:-  The upper part of the chest.
  7. Thumb:- The thumb is the short finger on your hand that is nearest your wrist. 
  8. Elbow:- Is the joint between the upper and lower arm. 
  9. Fist:- Is when the  hand is closed with the fingers closed tightly into the palm.
  10. Finger:- Each hand as 4 fingers .
  11. Foot (plural: feet) Mr Smith put his foot into his left shoe first.
  12. Ankle:- Is part of the body that connects the foot to the leg.
  13. Buttocks:- Sometimes called bottom or behind. 
  14. Hair:- Mrs Smith has lovely blonde hair.
  15. Neck:- Part of the body that connects the head to the body.
  16. Hand:- Mr Smith used both his hands to clap a great performance by is football team.
  17. Wrist:- The part of the arm between the hand and the lower arm.
  18. Hip:- Is the part of the body from the waist to the top of the leg.
  19. Chin:- Mr smith rested his chin in is hands as he sat at is desk.
  20. Knee:- Mr Smith hurt his knee while playing football.
  21. Head:- The part of the body that comes out of your neck and that contains the eyes, nose, mouth and brains.
  22. Lip:- Mrs Smith licked her lips as they were very dry.
  23. Mouth:- Used to eat food with and enable people to talk.
  24. Nose:- Mrs smith could smell the lovely cooked bread using her nose.
  25. Nostril:- Either side of the external openings of the nose.
  26. Upper arm:- The part of the arm that connects to the shoulder.
  27. Thigh:- The upper part of the leg that connects to the hips.
  28. Ear:- Mrs Smith has  lovely earrings in her ears.
  29. Bottom, bum, buttocks:- Is part of the body that is between the back and the back of the upper leg. 
  30. Back:- Mrs smith went to the doctors as she had bad back pains.
  31. Underarm, forearm:- Part of the arm between the elbow and the wrist.
  32. Lower leg:- The part of the leg between the knee and the ankle.
  33. Shoulder:- The joint connecting the arm  and connects to the base of the neck
  34. Forehead:- Part of the face between the eyebrows and the the hair.
  35. Waist:- Part of the body just above hips.
  36. Calf (plural: calves):- The muscle on the back of the leg between the knee and ankle.
  37. Cheek:- Either side of the face between the nose and ear, and below each eye.
  38. Eyelash, lash:- The hairs on the edge of the eyelid.
  39. Tooth (plural: teeth):- Teeth enable us to be able to chew our food.
  40. Toe:- Each foot as five toe's
  41. Tongue:- Is inside the mouth and enables you taste food and drink.

Body parts video

Another video to with all the body parts to help you refresh on what you have learnt so far in body parts lesson.


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