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Food cooked or prepared learning English learning basic English

What will I learn from the English lesson food that has been cooked or prepared?

This lesson you will learn the vocabulary for different cooked food and prepared. To finish the lessons is a list showing a brief description for each cooked or prepared food.

Food cooked or prepared

Cooked food or prepared food English lesson 

 A small list of ways to cook and prepare food explanations

Different cooked or prepared food 


   A chopped and seasoned ingredients where meat is stuffed before cooking

  In sauce

   A liquid prepared and cooked with food to enhance its flavour


   To soak meat in a marinade for more flavour.


   Potatoes or vegetables can be mashed.


   Preserved or steeped in brine or vinegar.


   Food that as been preserved by smoke and then cooked


   Food that as been sweetened in a syrup.


   Cook food in a very hot oil.


   A sauce like mayonnaise or made of oil and vinegar and is served on salad.   


   food that as been cooked just by steam in a basket.


   food preservation and flavoring for meat or fish using salt, nitrates or sugar.        


   Cook food under heat from a metal bar or flame.

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