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Ordering fast food English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson ordering fast food?

During this English lesson you will learn what fast food is and how to buy and order fast food at three of most common takeaways in the UK. The  lesson shows several examples of how to order at a fast food restaurant.

Fast Food

Most countries have many types of fast foods such as burgers, KFC and pizza. For this lesson the examples will use all three types of fast food mentioned.

How do I order fast food?

To order fast food all you have to so is go to the counter and order what food you like, then give the person at the counter your money to pay for your food.

Welcome to KFC. Can I take your order please?
Yes, I would like a bucket of chicken and a bottle of coke.
One  bucket of chicken and one bottle of coke. is that all?
Are you eating in or taking away?
Eating in.
That will be  ten pounds ninety nine please.

Listen to what they are telling you

Try and listen to what they are saying is is easy to answer yes or no when you are unsure of the answer.

Cashier at Mc Donalds asks, 'eating in or taking away', and you might answer 'yes' this is an easy mistake as you have might have misunderstood the question or just miss-heard what the person was saying.

Ordering food in a fast food restaurant

Ordering food in a fast food restaurant, is probably the easiest of all. as you just have to say a number.

Fast food restaurants have set meals that include your main meal, drink and sometimes a dessert.

Can I have the number 6 meal deal please.

Do you want the normal size or the large one?

Normal size will be fine thanks.

Please go to the checkout to pay for your meal/

OK, thanks.

Ordering fast food English lesson

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