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Post Office learning how to send a parcel back home English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson earning how to send a parcel using the Post Office?

During this lesson you will be learning how to go to a Post office and ask various questions about posting parcels. You will learn how to ask for boxes for your items to cost of sending a parcel and general questions you can ask.

Why send parcels / presents from the UK?

Sometime if you have bought too many presents for friends or items for yourself and you can send a parcel back home to your self.

Different ways to send parcels


This is the most common to send parcels anywhere in the world it has a free return to sender service should your parcel not be delivered. This is a good option of you are staying with a friend or family.


Airsure has priority handling in the UK and abroad and can be up to one day faster than Airmail you get online delivery confirmation, up to £500 compensation and can track your parcel online online using the post offices  track and trace.

These are the 2 most popular in England and the UK, so for the purpose of this lesson will be about these.

Going to a post office and asking questions about boxes for your items

Do you sell boxes here?
I need to buy a box do you sell them here?
I would like to  buy one of those small boxes?
Do you have a larger box?
How much are the boxes?

When sending parcels from the UK, they will fill out the required form. Do not worry about this as they ask you what is inside because of security reasons.

Questions they will ask you

Hello, how fo you want to send your parcel?

What is inside your parcel?

How much is it for airsure mail?

If you think it  is too expensive you can ask:

What is the cheapest way to send it?

General questions they may ask

Do you have any perishable food items in your parcel /  package?
Does your parcel / package have any fragile items?

Questions about insurance for your parcel. 

I would like to insure my package?
Would you like insurance for your parcel?

How much is the insurance for my parcel?

It's Three pounds and seventy pence

General questions you can ask the post office other than a parcel / package

Can you tell me how much it cost to send a letter to Thailand?
What tare your opening times?
What time do you close?

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