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Opening a bank and Money English lesson

English lesson opening a bank and money?

During this English lesson you will learn how to choose which bank is best for you. The lesson shows examples of what the bank might say to you and how you can answer the the questions.


Banking and money management are very important in your everyday life. There will be times when you will have to choose a bank. There are many things that you need a bank for from been able to withdraw money to having your wages paid into your bank and using a bank for a business.

What bank should I use?

It is quite easy to decide which to bank to use to open an account. The main thing to consider is comparing what each bank will offer you and what incentives they will do for you. You can also use recommendations from your family, friends or people you work with.

Some of the more common questions the bank might say to you.

We offer internet and telephone banking is this something you would be interested in?
We have banks in many towns and cities is location and accessibility important to you?
Will can also offer you a safe deposit box?
We do not charge you for writing cheques, will you be needing a cheque book?
All ATM machines are free with no charge for withdrawals, do you need a visa debit card?

Below is some of the answers from the questions above

Yes, internet and telephone banking will be very important to me. I work late hours a lot making it hard work to going to the bank during normal business hours.
No not at all, I do not like doing money transactions on the internet as I don't trust computers.

Location is a must. I have to visit my bank most days to deposit the days takings.
Location is not really a problem as I like to do most of my banking online.

I have no need for safe deposit box.
Yes, me and my wife have some valuables that we do not feel comfortable having them in the house, so yes, I would need a safe deposit box.

Free checking is important. I do not do not like been charged for writing my own checks.
Free checking would be great, but I never write checks.

Free withdrawals that is great. I use ATM machines nearly every day, that's a great offer
I do not use the ATM card as I like to do my shopping on-lone.

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