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Talking about basketball English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson Talking about basketball?

During this English lesson you will learn how to talk about basketball and some common phrases.

Basketball is one of the great sport to play when growing up or after growing up. Why? it is because you don't need a lot of people to play. as little as 4 people can play 2 on 2.

How to say you want to play basketball.

I really want to play basketball tonight. Lets get the lads round up and play.
We haven't played basketball for over a week now. Let's try get a game going this weekend.
Let us know when you guys are going to be playing basketball again?
Who's up for a game of basketball this afternoon after school?
Let's go down the park and see if anyone's playing basketball.
I've been waiting all week to play basketball I can't wait.

What is shooting hoops?

You will often hear people say lets shoot some hoops this refers to ring you try to get the ball through.

Come on let's go and shoot some hoops.
Do you want to go and shoot some hoops?
A few of us are going to shoot some hoops. You want to come?

Common expressions about basketball.

I love playing basketball it's my favorite sport.
I like playing basketball with friends at school and after.
I'm getting a good workout while am playing basketball.
At the local sports hall, I play basketball with my old school friends.

Not fit enough to play basketball expressions

Sadly am to fat to be playing basketball.
Running up and down the court is too tiring for me.
I need to get in shape to play basketball.

Some more expressions about basketball

I'm going to play basketball this weekend.
I have a 36 inch vertical.

Where do you guys go to play basketball?
Are there any basketball courts around here?

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