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Going to the movies and asking a friend

What will I learn from the lesson going to the movies and asking a friend?

During this English lesson you learn how to book tickets to watch a movie and how to ask friends if they want to come with you.

Going to the theatre and choosing a movie

Before you go to the movies you will need to find out what is on at the movies and what time the movie is showing. This can be done by checking the internet, just type the town or city you are staying or if you have the post code use that. All the theatres that are in that area will display choose one and all the movies with times for that week will be displayed.

When you have chosen  the movie you want to see, you will  need to buy a ticket. You can buy online using your credit card or you can go to the theatre before the movie starts and buy one there.

When booking at the theatre you will need to know how to say is the movie name and also the movie time.

Walking up to the counter and say...

I would like to watch Spiderman at 6:00pm please.

Spiderman. six o'clock please.

If the movie is a latest big block buster tickets will  sell out very quickly. So if you want to see the movie get there early before the movie starts and queue up.

Asking a friend to come to the movies

Hi Jason, do you fancy going to  movies tonight?
I am going to watch Spiderman. Do you want to join me?
Let's all go see The Simpsons on Friday.
What time do you think we should meet at the movies?
Let's watch a movie then we can all have dinner afterwards.
Superman is coming out this Saturday. Do you want to come.

Answers to some of the questions above

That sounds great Sarah count me in.
I really want to see that. Let's go tonight.
OK, let's meet outside the theatre at one o'clock.
Yes, I love to come. Do you want to eat lunch  before the movie?

oh, I've already seen that movie. Do you know what else is playing?
I am sorry , but I can't come to the movies with you I have to go to the work.
That movie sounds boring. Do you mind if I choose one.
I really like the main actor all is films are great. I will definitely come with you.

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