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At the Airport conversation between 3 people English lesson

Conversation at the airport between 3 people

During this lesson you will be learning a brief conversation between the person at the checking in desk and Mr and Mrs Jones who are checking in.

Airport conversation between 3 people

Checking in desk: Welcome. Please can I see your tickets?

Mr Mrs Jones: Yes here you are.

Checking in desk: Is it just you two traveling or is there anyone else?

Mr Mrs Jones: No. It's just the two of us.

Checking in desk: Do you both have your passports with you?

Mr Mrs Jones: Yes. Here they are.

Checking in desk: I will be going to ask some questions. Just answer with a simple yes or a no.

Mr Mrs Jones: OK, no problem.

Checking in desk: As anyone you don't know asked you to take anything on the plane for them?

Mr Mrs Jones: No.

Checking in desk: Have you have sole possession of all your luggage since you packed?

Mr Mrs Jones: Yes.

Checking in desk: Have you at any time left your luggage unattended while being in the airport?

Mr Mrs Jones: No.

Checking in desk: Do you have any weapons or firearms in your possession?

Mr Mrs Jones: No.

Checking in desk: Have you any flammable material in your luggage?

Mr Mrs Jones: No.

Checking in desk: Do you have any perishable food items in your bags or suitcases?

Mr Mrs Jones: No.

Checking in desk: That's good. Can you put your luggage here please

Mr Mrs Jones: OK.

Checking in desk: What seat would you like an aisle seat or a window?

Mr Mrs Jones: Can I have 2 seats near the emergency exit.

Checking in desk: Wait I will check for you. Yes that's OK, I am placing you two in 21A and 21B. The gate number is A22. You can start boarding the plane in 30 minutes and the plane will take off in 1 hour.

Mr Mrs Jones: Can you tell me how to get to gate A22?

Checking in desk: yes, go straight ahead and turn left at the end turn right and A22 is there follow the signs for your gate number on the bottom of ticket

Mr Mrs Jones: Thank you for all your help.

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