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Credit Cards how to - applying - increase limit - close account English lesson

What will i learn from the English lesson credit cards?

During this English lesson you will learn how to apply for a credit card, ask general questions, increase your limit and how to close your credit card account. The lesson has several example sentences to help you.

Applying for a card

If you are planning on living or staying in the UK you might want to apply for a credit card, most times you don't need to to anyone. You can just fill out a form and post it to the company. However if you apply in a bank you will need to speak with someone.

Questions you might want to ask

Can you tell me what the interest rate will be for the credit card?
What will be the limit of my card be?
When will you tell me if I am approved?
Is it possible for me to have an extra card for my wife?

Ringing the credit card company and asking general questions

Can you tell me what the balance of my card is.
What is my current balance?
I'm not near a cash machine can you check the balance of my card please?
What do I owe you for this month?

Increasing the limit of your card

Is it possible to increase the credit limit of my card.
Can you increase my credit increase?
1000 pound is not enough. will you increase my limit please?

They might ask you what figure do you have in mind

I need to increase my limit to 2 thousand pound please.

I have a another credit card that has a five thousand pound limit. Do you think you will be able to match it. As I want to use this card as my main credit card?

Closing an account

Credit card companies will always ask why you want to close your account, and tell you that having a credit card is a good idea in case of an emergency.

I very rarely use my credit card so it is a waste time me having one, so can you please close my account?
I need you to close my account please.
Will you close my account please?

I never use your credit card so I would like to close it.
I have several other credit cards now and I am closing the cards I don't use and keep only one.

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