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Reading and writing practise a company called Easy Pace Towing English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson Reading and writing practise?

During this English lesson you will read a short story then answering some questions that are relating to the story. By the end of the lesson you will have practised reading and writing skills.

A company called Easy Pace Learning

Mr Bean and his wife Mrs Bean moved to the England back in 1977. Not long after they arrived in England, Mr Bean got a job driving a lorry and Mrs Bean got a job working in a café as a cook. Mr and Mrs Bean began to work long hours and saved as much money as they could. After six years, they had saved nearly one hundred thousand pounds. Mr and Mrs Bean were ready to buy a business. They decided to buy an office and start a learning English business. They painted the outside of the office white and had a lovely gold lettering for the companies name above the door. They called the company called Easy Pace Learning. For the first several years, they taught all the lessons themselves. Eventually, whey had enough money they extended the office and soon started employing teachers to help with teaching. It didn’t take long before Mr and Mrs Bean were earning over one hundred thousand pounds a year each.

Exercise true or false

Copy and write the questions on some paper and answer the following questions using true or false

1. ________ Mr Bean and Mrs Bean are married.

2. ________ they moved to the England in 1977.

3. ________ Mr Bean drove a lorry now teaches English with is wife.

4. ________ they painted the office blue with black lettering for the company name above the window.

5. ________ it didn’t take long before Mr and Mrs Bean are earning more than one hundred thousand pounds a year each.

What do you think?

Answer the question below, try and write a few sentences on what you think.

Copy and write the question on a piece of paper and then write your answer

What kind of business would you like to own and why do you want that sort of business?

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