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Reading and writing practise going to the local park

What will I learn from the English lesson Reading and writing practise?

During this English lesson you will read a short story then answering some questions that are relating to the story. By the end of the lesson you will have practised reading and writing skills.

Going to the local park

It is Sunday morning and John and his friends are playing on the swings in the local park near John’s house. Peter is climbing up a rope ladder; Tony is swinging on a swing, Martin is standing on a swing, and John is hanging upside down from the top bar of the swing set. All the boys are talking, laughing, and generally having a good time. Martin is two years older than the other boys, and he is the leader of the group. He likes to make most of the decisions on what they should do. John is the funniest one and likes to tell many jokes. He likes to make the other kids laugh. Peter is the athletic. He likes to cycle, run, and climb, sometimes he gets very tired. Tony is the quiet one. He seldom speaks unless he is spoken to.

Exercise true or false

Copy and write the questions on some paper and answer the following questions using true or false

1. ________ Martin is hanging upside down on the swings.

2. ________ Tony is climbing up the rope ladder.

3. ________ Martin is younger than all the other children.

4. ________ John likes to make the other children laugh by telling jokes.

5. ________ Tony likes to talk a lot and the other children don’t talk too much.

6. ________ Martin makes all the decisions for the gang.

What do you think?

Answer the question below, try and write a few sentences on what you think.

Copy and write the question on a piece of paper and then write your answer

Describe what your personality is like. Try and write as many sentences as you can.

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