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Learning to improve your writing

What will I learn from the English lesson improve your writing?

During this English lesson you will learn how to improve your writing and hopefully this lesson will teach you how to avoid making the basic errors.

Writing Incomplete Sentences

`Example: - Unless, of course, you want to make a style point.

The Example above is an incomplete sentence. However sometimes breaking the rules can be a good thing. In a essay or letter of complete sentences, an occasional incomplete sentence will call attention to an important point you are trying to make. Please don’t write a complete letter using incomplete sentences this is not a style; it’s just poor English and it will look like you don’t know how to write complete sentence. Make sure that each one of your sentences has a subject-verb pair, an endmark, and a complete thought.

Sentences Run On (letting sentences run and run)

What is a run in sentence? A run-on sentence is when two or more sentences are stuck together without any legal “glue”

What is legal glue?

Legal glue is a word such as and or using a semicolon. A common mistake with run-ons is called comma splice, in which a comma attempts, but fails to attach one complete sentence to another. There are words that you need to be careful with that resemble legal joiners (consequently, however, therefore, nevertheless, and so forth). Use these words for the meaning, and not for gluing sentences together.

Do not forget to capitalize “I”

Did you realize that i did not capitalize the letter I?

One of the common mistakes people first make when writing English is not capitalizing the letter “I”, the golden rule is the personal pronoun I is always capitalized. Also do not put a little circle on a the letter i instead of a dot.

Text and messenger a quick hint

A lot of people use mobile phones for sending text and use an instant messenger on the internet, try keep up your good habits and don’t start writing l M yours 4ever (I am yours forever).

Being Stingy with Quotation Marks

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for schoolwork, your job, or just for personal reasons, you have to be honest and that requires you to credit sources. By using someone else’s words, and using them in your own writing, and omitting the quotation marks is dishonest. If you are doing school or college work not quoting the source will result in a low grades; when your work might warrant a higher grade.

What is the solution?

The solution is very simple. If the words are not yours, then you must credit the source,

Mr Bean writes, “Plagiarism is not clever it just shows a lack of knowledge.” You have to be careful in work or public life; you may be sued if the owner of the works finds out.

Letting Slang Seep into Your Speech

Sometimes you can use slang when you are writing, but you have to be very careful when using it as the reader might not understand what you are saying and become confused.

Example: - It ain’t that slang is a total no-no in fact using it can be the real bee’s knees. But if you don’t have the 411, you will end up missing the boat.

The above sentence uses a mixture of slang from several different regions of the UK and America. It is possible that you might recognize one or two of the slang expressions and missed others. From the example you can see that people can easily not understand the sentence is trying to get across.

Forgetting to Proofread

Proof reading is very often forgotten about and can result in a loss of grade or loss of work in an work environment. If you have only finished the letter or project only fifteen minutes before you have to post it into the mailbox, use the time wisely to proofread your work.

Example of a not proofreading your work for spelling and punctuation

. id you have olny finihed the leter or project only fifteen minutes before you have to post it into the mailbox, use the time wisely to proofread your, work.

Relying on Computer Checks for Grammar and Spelling

When using Microsoft office or even emails you will have notices that they have built in spell checkers, you should remember to glance at them as you write. (Those red and green lines, that shows up on the screen to alert you to a possible mistake.) Most people find that they actually help, but do not over trust them to much as they are not 100 percent accurate. It is quite east for errors to slip through. (Did you spot the error that had slipped through? That last sentence should read It is quite easy for errors to slip through.) the last point is, the computer will often identifies a mistake when the sentence is actually correct. Everyone who uses Microsoft office wil get little wavy lines lots of times, and as you have figured out at Easy Pace Learning, we are prefect. Er . . . perfect.

Repeating Yourself

The finale part of the English lesson is about not repeating yourself when you are writing. Repetition isn’t a fun or enjoyable way for your reader to spend rime reading your letter. Repetition will send your reader away fast and quickly, and may even result in them not even finishing reading your letter or work.