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Writing an authorization letter in English

Type your authorization letter using a word processor as this is more professional. Also sometimes handwriting can be difficult to read.

You must use the correct tone for your letter. If the authorization letter you are writing is for withdrawing money from bank, the tone should be professional and formal.

Try and keep the authorization letter short and to point. You must include all necessary information that is needed.

Writing the authorization letter you must write it in a business letter format. Most cases, authorization letters are professional nature. If you know the person who you are writing to personally, you can write it as you would a friend.

On the top left side of the page, place your name on the first line.

Your street / avenue on the second line

Your city, state and zip code on the third line

Next skip one line and put the current date on this line. Write the date in full.

You must skip another line and put the receiver's name and address on the left side of the page as you have done for your own address.

You have to use the receiver's formal name and correct term "Miss," "Mrs." or "Mr.," DO NOT USE FIRST NAMES.

When starting the body of the letter. Start with your full name, any account, and also the full name of the person you want to act on your behalf. If needed you must include the beginning and ending dates for the authorization for the person acting on your behalf.

  1. Include the reasons for the authorization letter.
  2. Why you need your representative to act on your behalf?
  3. This might be because you are ill, out of country or another reason.
  4. You must state the duties that your named representative is authorized to do on your behalf.
  5. A copy of your medical records
  6. Authorize a medical procedure,
  7. Sign legal document
  8. Withdraw funds from your bank.

To conclude your letter skip 2 lines and type "Sincerely," then skip 2 to 4 lines and type your name, then sign the letter with a pen (blue or black).

Sample authorization letter

How to write an authorization letter with example

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